Lucie was hyperactive as a child and since she was very young has practiced many different sports – cycling, gymnastics, ski – and especially football from age 5-20 at a regional level in France. She quite naturally chose a career in sport, and in 2008 after two years of studies became sports coach. She taught many different classes with high energy, always pushing her students beyond their limits. She felt, however, after a few years, that something was missing in her teaching. For this reason she began her Pilates training in 2010 and was amazed by the gentleness but depth of the method. She then followed many different courses to complement and perfect her Pilates teaching – for the elderly, during pregnancy, using different therapies, and with small equipment.

Today, aside of her Pilates teaching, she loves to take part in Circuit Training and Crossfit. She believes her teaching reflects the contrasts in her life – strength/suppleness, effort/release…. her goal is to help her clients find the best of themselves whilst respecting their own limitations. She loves when her clients leave her class with a smile, proud of themselves!!!